Friday, 22 June 2018

Why source candidates on job portals? -

Why source candidates on job portals? -

· Job boards offer huge candidate pools. Job portals are not just a place where employers post their job vacancies. Candidates upload their resumes so that recruiters can easily find them. A resume database works well for people who arent actively looking for a job but who are open to new opportunities.
· Reduce screening time. When recruiters post a job ad, they get the chance to determine requirements and exclusion factors. This way, only matching profiles reach their inbox. Instead of looking through piles of resumes to discover qualified candidates, recruiters evaluate resumes that meet their minimum requirements.
· Meet job seekers half-way. Job boards offer candidates and recruiters the same opportunities to find each other. Recruiters receive qualified resumes and candidates get notified about job openings that match their preferences. Automatic notifications make the resume search easier, for everybody.
· Let recruiters focus on their desired audience. Every job board has a different niche based on location, industry, experience level, etc. Recruiters can strategically choose specialized, boutique job boards to bring them closer to the people they want to hire.

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Want To Hire Candidates With Short Notice Period, Look No Further. - is a un...