Thursday, 29 September 2016

4 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent
It is quite obvious that talent acquisition is a top human capital management priority for consulting engineering firms. So the question that hiring authorities and leaders have is:
How can we differentiate ourselves from the competition? The answer is not simple, there is not a quick fix and it requires a multi-faceted approach to solve a complex issue. Here are some ideas which can help attract talent to your firm:

1. Increase your firm’s visibility in the marketplace. 
It is important to make yourself visible to top talent, at all levels. Whether they are thought leaders, seller/doers, worker bees, or junior engineers.
  • Encourage your top talent to engage and participate in trade associations, expos at the local, state, regional and national level.
  • Encourage them to volunteer for upcoming events, head committees, author white papers, and speak at conferences.
  • When invited to industry functions, or events where other engineers are sure to be present, make sure your firm is well represented with your best and brightest people. Explain that you wish them to participate because you see them as ambassadors to your firm. This will not only help in the recruiting process, it will give them a sense of ownership and pride in being an integral part of the team. Which in turn, will make them loyal employees, less likely to leave when another firm comes courting.
  • When specific high profile or challenging projects are completed, author and distribute a press release.

2. Create an environment that fosters successful, happy and engaged employees.
Employees, who are highly engaged and challenged, find their jobs more fulfilling and rewarding. Successful, happy, and engaged employees who make themselves visible in the marketplace are then able to attract top talent, by default. In studies conducted by the Queens School of Business and by the Gallup Organization, businesses with happy and highly engaged employees enjoyed 100% more job applications. Additionally, these same studies found that disengaged workers had 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors and defects. In organizations with low employee morale and engagement, they experienced 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth. Clearly, creating a positive and healthy work environment not only assists with attracting top talent, it also helps increase productivity and profitability, while reducing absenteeism, workplace accidents, employee errors and defects.

3. Invest time in developing a social media strategy. 
A well thought out and executed social media strategy engages both active and passive candidates evaluating their next potential employer. A company with an active and impactful social media presence (be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) allows potential employees to get a taste of your company before even considering an active opportunity; it allows them to envision what it might be like working for your company.
Blogs, whitepapers, technical papers, company news, promotions, project spotlights, speaking engagements, recruitment videos, etc. are just a few examples of the types of postings that can be contributed to a social media campaign. This is particularly effective with millennials and new graduates (your future leaders!), who will carry on the legacy your firm. An effective social media campaign, can be managed very easily and your return on the time invested can be significant and a catalyst to your continued success.

4. Utilizing internal and external executive search services.
Finding experienced executive search consultants, both internal and external, who specializes in your industry niche can be an invaluable asset for your company when it comes to attracting and recruiting top performers. As you know, the person you are looking for is likely not out actively pursuing a new opportunity; the best and brightest are working hard to serve clients and must be sought out.

Experienced and successful search consultants in your industry will have hundreds or thousands of contacts to actively recruit or network with, exposure that you likely do not have. For the larger firms or those small to mid-sized firms who are positioned for significant growth, a dedicated in-house professional focusing their efforts on talent acquisition is critical. While your executive team is focusing on the business operation, developing clients and driving revenue, an experienced recruiter dedicated to the art of talent acquisition can be a catalyst to capturing top talent.

Putting together a well-rounded recruitment strategy can be the differentiator between the success and failure of a business. After all you cannot serve your clients well by having an under staffed and over worked team. At the end of the day, the quality of your projects will be compromised resulting in lost clients, a diminished reputation and ultimately less revenue opportunities. Those companies that recognize this and see the value in designing a talent acquisition strategy will reap the rewards. Human capital planning should be a top priority, and not one taken lightly.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016


About, is a unique Job Portal that bridges recruiting gaps between Jobseekers and Employers. It's our endeavor to facilitate Job seekers to find the best Jobs and also facilitate Employers to find the Best Talent in the Fastest Time possible, Ideally One week!!
Over 1000+ Recruiters from companies across various industries have registered to our services to post their Jobs and search our Resume Database at Zero cost.
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Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to deal with employees backing out in SMEs and Startups?

Keeping candidates interested for SMEs and Startups might be a bigger challenge given how speculative people are about job security. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you hang on to a quality candidate as an SME or a startup.

1) Sell the vision
Candidates must buy into the vision of the company and it’s up to you to help them do so when you communicate with them. Speak about the goals and future plans of the company and what part you expect the candidate to play in it. Ensure that the candidate’s goals are aligned with the company’s goals. If the candidate is excited about his/her role in shaping the vision of the company, you’ll rarely find him/her backing out.

2) Hire potential over polished talent
The best talent in the job market are also sought by large companies who can offer a lot more in terms of job security, employer brand and salaries. Unless, you’re willing to remunerate employees with more than competitive salaries, it’s best to hire potential over polished talent.
You can look at hiring based on who you expect the employee to become 3 months or a year down the line. If a candidate has all the necessary skills required to be the perfect employee for his/her position a couple of months later, it’s not a bad choice to welcome them on board.

3) Not everyone wants to work in large corporates
While majority of candidates that you’ll come across will want to work in a low pressure, stable corporate job, there are a handful of employees there who love the idea of a Startup or SME. These employees prefer to work in an environment where they can be a part of a growth story. Seeking these employees will leave you with a lesser chance of a lost hire.

4) Notice period buyouts and negotiations
If you can afford to buy out a candidates notice period, it’s not a bad option since it will compel them to join your company. This would immediately reduce the chances of them backing out. If a buyout isn’t possible, you can always help the candidate negotiate with his/her current employer to shorten the notice period. Reducing the amount of time taken by an employee to join you post an interview, will help you avoid drop off rates.

About, is a unique Job Portal that bridges recruiting gaps between Jobseekers and Employers. It's our endeavor to facilitate Job seekers to find the best Jobs and also facilitate Employers to find the Best Talent in the Fastest Time possible, Ideally One week!!
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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Benefits of Online Recruitment

The Benefits of Online Recruitment

Gone are the days when online recruitment was the exclusive domain of the technologically savvy, the curious and the ultra-sophisticated. Today, with this medium tried, tested and proven to be true and more importantly indispensable, professional recruiters and employers alike rely on job portals as a primary source of professional talent both on a stand-alone basis and in some cases to complement traditional hiring methods. There has been a paradigm shift in the way companies recruit thanks to the value, efficacy and ease-of-use of today's career sites and with internet penetration levels ever skyrocketing, geographic boundaries blending when it comes to professional mobility and the quest for top talent at fever pitch in booming regional economies, this medium is definitely here to stay.
So here are the benefits of online recruitment that have led to such a meteoric rise in its use and revolutionized the way companies hire and candidates search for jobs in such a short time span?

Reduced time-to-hire

E-recruitment allows for immediate real-time interaction and 24x7 hiring/job search activity. Employers can post a job in as little as 10 minutes on a career site with no limits to ad size and start receiving CVs in response immediately. This is in comparison to traditional methods where a newspaper ad may take appear a week later and only for a day, or a recruiter has to wait till month-end to reap the benefits of an ad in a monthly industry or geography-specific publication. Typically, e- recruitment hiring is on average 70% faster than traditional hiring methods and the recruiting cycle is speeded up at every stage from posting, to receiving CVs to filtering to managing the contacts and workflow.

Reduced cost-of-hire

Costs of posting jobs and/or searching for candidates on job portals can be up to 90% lower than the costs of using traditional search firms and/or advertising methods. These job portals are 30% cost-effective than what many traditional recruiters or consultancy firm charge or the costs of newspaper/publication ads for the same reach and time period.

Wider reach for employers

Unlike traditional methods which are usually restricted by career level, geography, industry or other parameters online recruitment portals typically have current and active talent databases that cover all career levels, industries and regions. Huge money is spent ensuring the databases are diverse, updated regularly, relevant and high quality. Sprawling business development teams also ensure that affiliations are established whereby the portals are always prominent and top-of-mind with the relevant candidates and are visited by the target job seekers regularly.

State-of-the-art filtration tools

Leading job sites like offer employers the latest technologies and filtration criteria that help them find potential future candidates in the easiest, most rapid and efficient way. Job portals provides its community of employers with unique search criteria and state-of-the-art screening and sorting tools to help them quickly and easily target and contact both active and passive professionals without the delay of using a go-between.

Allows for confidentiality

Both employers and job seekers can elect to maintain their confidentiality. Employers can elect to search the databases without posting a job if the vacancy is sensitive in nature, or they can post a vacancy while keeping the company name confidential. Similarly, candidates can post their CVs online while keeping present employer's name confidential.

Allows for proactivity

The employer/recruiter is in full control of the hiring process with online recruitment, can contact candidates real-time and directly and does not require a middleman to sift through, filter, assess or select the required candidates. By being in the driving seat the employer gains valuable insight into the nature of the marketplace and the competitive landscape for the position. He is also able to ensure a superior match and a better fit for the long term.

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Maximizing Short-Term Hiring

The number of short-term assignments in companies has been increasing, and the trend is expected to continue. Within large corporations, secondments, short-term transfers, and functional or geographic management rotation programs often thrust full-time employees into short-term jobs. Many companies employ temps or interns to supplement those working full-time. Even consultants may engage with a client for a period of weeks or months.
As an employer, you stand the best chance to entice a candidate who has a short notice period. Thus saving you time, effort, saving cost of delayed hiring and pre joining attrition's.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Would you hire candidates with 60/ 90 day's notice period !!

Well this question might not seem right, as everyone has the right to apply for a job, and every employer must not ideally ignore candidates with 60/90 days’ notice period. But does this actually happen in the real world!! Let’s try to find out the concept of hiring or not hiring resources with a higher notice period. For those recruiters who are hiring in Western countries might not have to worry about this scenario, as the Notice Periods are very rarely more than 30-45days. They believe in the concept of having shorter duration of Notice Period for employees. But for those recruiters hiring in India, they have to face the issue of 60 / 90 days policy.
So what is wrong in hiring professionals with 60 / 90 days’ notice period? Well, to be honest there is nothing wrong in hiring them. So what is the real issue? Who decides to avoid candidates with higher notice periods? The answer is not that simple, so let’s dig out some of those reasons. Let’s take a real life situation, a recruiter needs to hire Vanilla Skills (Java / Mainframe, Manual Testing professionals), So given an option, will the recruiter go for candidates whose Notice Period is 60/90 days? I guess most of you might say NO. Do you have a reason for that? Recruiters might end up saying that the Delivery / Management team need resources as early as possible. Hence we end up looking for candidates who can join in 30-45 days max. There are some exceptions where they need resources ASAP. But at the end of the day, this is business, company wants to bill the resources ASAP and earn profits.

So does this mean the candidates with higher notice period might lose on opportunities? Hmm… Well the answers is YES and NO. Again it depends on what skills you are working on. To take an example, niche skills such as FlexCube, Vision Plus (Some might say that it’s no more a Niche Skill), TransactSM, Business Analysts, CRM etc. are available in companies with 60 / 90 days’ notice. So in such cases recruiters can’t ignore these candidates. So do you think this is fair? Candidates might not agree with this distinction, and might call it unfair practice. But…. this is the reality. Many a times have heard candidate saying, “I want to look for a new opportunity, but can’t join early as Notice Period is 60/90 days”. Again to make things worse, companies are not ready to release their resources even with a buy out option. Strange, but true.

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