Friday, 19 May 2017

Ways to propel your career to the next level -

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➦Have a different pitch for yourself.

Differentiation is powerful. It will position you apart from the crowd, and is a cardinal rule for any job search. If you don't have a different pitch or approach, you are a generic version of the name brand; you are not memorable or persuasive

➦Have a relevant USP. 

Have a value proposition that is relevant to the market, just like a winning brand. You need to develop what distinguishes you and the benefit you bring to the job and the organization.

➦Think 'outside-in.' 

Think of what your industry or organization or boss is looking for (outside), and then figure out how you can meet those needs (in). Most people concentrate on what they want. It is much smarter to concentrate on what your key target audiences want first.

➦Have a strategy. 

You need to know where you want to be 2 years or 5 years from now. What's the best way to position yourself to achieve those goals? 

Develop an action plan with specific tactics. 

Develop a plan that can get you from A to B to C. There is no one right path, but some roads will be more effective than others. Know what experiences and skills are valued within your company and specifically know what achievements you need to attain to win that next promotion. The important thing, though, is to act. Even if an avenue doesn't work out, there will be learning. 

➦Get some visibility. 

Learn what skills and experiences are needed to achieve the next level and then make yourself available to work on special projects that get you noticed and help you develop the necessary skills. Volunteer to lead a high-profile project that no-one else wants to lead.  

➦Bring intellectual value. 

We used to make things. Now we're in the business of ideas. We're in the Knowledge Age. That's why you need to keep up with what's going on. Keep up to date by reading about your company's developments, trade journals, business magazines and newspapers.  

➦You're always on stage. 

Every meeting, every interview, is like a sales call. There is no such thing as a performance that doesn't count. You are always on stage and need to be selling yourself. Brush up your communication and presentation skills. It can have a big impact on how 'promotable' you are.  

Dazzle interviewers with a killer CV. 

 Many CVs read like a laundry list of skills and jobs with no focus or message. But your resume can be a powerful way to position and sell yourself and create a powerful personal identity. You do that by adopting a marketing mindset for the brand in question: you. Write your CV as if it were an advertisement for yourself. Have a focused message and a document that looks attractive and impressive. 

➦Prepare to 'ace' the interview. 

 Interviewing is an art. Approach an interview as a conversation. It should be a two-way street, where you just don't answer questions, but ask them. You will find the balance of power changes dramatically when you have a conversation. And brush up on the art of storytelling — stories are memorable. Relate your answers to business situations, actions and outcomes as much as possible. It can help to think in terms of a narrative format with conflict and resolution, dialogue and character development. If you took an action that produced results that were not as successful as you had hoped, don't despair. When you talk about tough situations, you make it easier for people to relate to you and care about you and your experiences.  


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