Friday, 10 March 2017

Where are you joining”? – “I have 3 to 4 job offers. Need to decide" -

Ask people who are in the last week of serving their job notice period “Where are you joining”? And the most common answer will be “I have 3 to 4 job offers. Need to decide”.

This is very common phrase used by most persons quitting their job to join another company.

How do you as an employer who needs to hire quick, cash into this situation where a job seeker is in the last week of his job and still deciding where to join.

As an employer, you stand the best chance to entice a prospective candidate to ensure they can join your company and also join quickly without worrying much about job offer declines. The job seekers in this situation can be engaged the most and ensure they join you.An early joining bonus can be added to the prospects of the candidate joining.

Thus saving you time, effort, saving cost of delayed hiring and pre joining attritions.

Here’s bringing you that helps you find candidates who can join on short notice period. Please make the best use of this service as both Posting Jobs and using our Resume database Search are absolutely at Zero cost.

With over 850+ customers brings you its unique rapid recruiting service which is absolutely Free.

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