Friday, 28 October 2016

5 Ways You Can Start Streamlining your HR Processes

5 Ways You Can Start Streamlining your HR Processes

A Human Resources Manager is a bonafide multi -tasker managing everything from recruiting new personnel, processing payroll, dealing with performance appraisals and everything in between. However, most of your time as an HR manager is probably spent in answering questions like – “Where can I get my payslips from?” or “How many paid leave balances do I have left?”
Ever felt like if life as an HR Head is spent answering questions like these, then how does anyone ever find the time for doing exciting work like implementing a new wellness program for employees or creating a more comprehensive performance management process ?
I have one word for you, my friend – “Automation”.
Automating your HR processes using technology can not only save you oodles of time but also make your HR processes a much more accurate activity. Using a cloud-based software out there for attendance tracking, leave tracking or even payroll processing makes you less reliant on excel spread sheets. It also leaves you with all your relevant data on one secure platform that you can access from anywhere.
Here are 5 ways you can start streamlining your HR process today –

1. Ditch Excel for good 
The comfort of using Microsoft excel is not worth the pain you have to go through when there are errors in your data. Most SMBs and Start-ups still use Excel to run crucial HR functions like payroll. Spending hours on running your payroll process on excel isn’t the most efficient way to spend one’s time.
Apart from time constraints, Excel is notorious for accidental overwrites and file corruption that puts important data at risk. There are also the constraints of space and data storage. Larger the employee size, the greater the care needed to organize, store and back up your data.
Ditching Excel and using a cloud- based software can help in not just data storage but also do away with multiple security risks. Cloud-based HR Software can help reduce time-consuming HR activities down to a couple of clicks.

2. Empower your employees with an Employee Self Service portal
HR technology is known to empower HR Managers as well as engage employees as well. Finding HR software that helps you manage and engage your employees better must be your top priority. Most HR software’s provide an Employee Self Service portal to help your employees find relevant data like payslips, leave records and attendance records all on one platform. An Employee Self Service portal also provides employees the option to input their Investment declarations on a safe and secure platform in effort to make financial planning easy and effortless.
Thus, an ESS portal maybe just thing you need to give you a break from addressing emails or calls from your employees regarding payslips, leave balances etc.

3. Unleash the power of cloud-computing 
Cloud-Computing as taken over the HR domain and it’s for all the right reasons. If you haven’t already jumped on the cloud bandwagon yet, you may want to understand just how great the power of cloud-computing is. Cloud-based software can help automate all your crucial HR activities like recruitment, performance management and payroll and store all the data in data centers that can never be deleted. The advantages of using are –
  • Less physical space is required for storing data
  • Availability of information from anywhere you find an internet connection
  • Maintaining the cloud wouldn’t be your responsibility unlike an in-house software.
4. Outsource your payroll
Want to lighten your load and be more productive as an HR manager? Outsourcing certain HR functions like recruitment, payroll and legal compliance to experts lets you manage employees and focus on more important matters like how to deal with rising attrition in your company.
Outsourcing your HR processes also has the advantage of having expertise just one phone call away. It is also a more cost-effective option because housing an on-premise software is more expensive because of the added cost of maintenance.

5. Who says instant messaging is not for corporates?
The newest in HR technology is automating communication. The instant messaging feature on a software facilitates better communication between employees and the HR team. Feature lets HR personnel broadcast important company updates and instant reminders without the hassle on emails.

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